International Security
Without a doubt, the Olive Group team are by far the best I have worked with or seen in Afghanistan. I can honestly say the team are doing an outstanding job and will only continue to improve on an already impressive team and record. Olive Group has done a fine job recruiting the finest staff to run the Afghan Security Guards. I trust in every decision the crew makes and trust Olive Group as a company will continue to provide the best customer service possible.

Until the end of the Cold War, International Security was a term used largely to refer to diplomatic and military activities in the global arena: to unilateral and multilateral efforts to prevent inter-state and regional conflicts.

Today the concept has been broadened to embrace a host of transnational and often interconnected issues that impact on global safety and survival such as:

  • Terrorism
  • Humanitarian intervention and ‘nation-building’ initiatives
  • Battles for control of depleting hydrocarbon and water reserves
  • Organised crime
  • Natural disasters
  • Contagious diseases
  • Environmental degradation

The more globalisation takes hold on the world, the more these issues come to the forefront and the more leading organisations within the International Security sphere require the expertise of commercial entities such as Olive Group - i.e. of dependable corporations that represent the convergent safety, security and technology markets - to help address these challenges.

This is because in order to remain streamlined, governments protecting their national security interests overseas, International Government entities spearheading peacekeeping initiatives and Non-Governmental-Organisations involved in aid initiatives increasingly call on us to protect their assets and enable their business in difficult operating environments wherein our capabilities, resourcefulness, compliance with the regulatory environment and expertise run deep, thereby freeing them up to concentrate on the core task at hand.